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Play Crosswords on your computer! Get three fun and unique Crossword games in one, Fill-in crosswords, Jigsaw
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13 March 2011

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A crossword is a puzzle where the player has to fill in the words in the blank cells of a square or rectangular grid with the help of certain clues that are given alongside the grid. This is a very old and popularly known puzzle game which you will find published in newspapers, periodicals and magazines on a regular basis in order to gain the market coverage. Due to its popularity, Crossword puzzles are being widely developed for use on PCs. Crossword Twist (Mac) v.1.06 is a game in response to such needs.

Crossword Twist (Mac) by Kristanix Games is a shareware crossword puzzle game for the Mac OS powered computers. The interface of the game is pleasing and sophisticated with beautiful imageries in the background of the game with a neat layout. The game has three type of crossword puzzle modes. The first one is Fill-in which is a normal crossword puzzle where you have to complete the square grids by filling them with required words and matching these words in across and downward arrangement. The next one is Jigsaw where the player has to match the words by solving and completing a jigsaw puzzle and the third type of puzzle is Cipher where you get some numbers in the grids and you have to decipher these numbers to make out the hidden letters. In order to maintain the simplicity of use and interest of user in it, the game does not have a timer which can over-complicate the game. Apart from this, the game has over 100 levels of these puzzles which are enough in number even for a regular user.

All in all, Crossword Twist (Mac) v.1.06 is a nice game for people who to increase their vocabulary and sharpness of mind with its three separate games in the price of one and thus it earns a score of three rating points for the intellectual stimulation it offers.

Publisher's description

Play Crosswords on your computer! Get three fun and unique Crossword games in one! These are the three games you can enjoy in Crossword Twist. Fill-In: The good old favorite! Match words across and down the puzzle. Jigsaw: Crosswords with a twist! Match the words by solving a jigsaw puzzle. Cipher: For the decryption expert in you! Decipher the numbers to find the hidden letters. Features over 100 levels, an intuitive and easy to use interface and no time-limit pressure.
Crossword Twist
Crossword Twist
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